The AV Church has a goal of being the best support group for your Audio & Video needs.  If you need training sessions for new volunteers or a full blown system installation.  If you need someone to help during a staff or volunteer vacation or a Video produced for a special event or building fund raiser.  Technology in worship needs to highlight your message without distracting from it.

We Love to work with churches of all sizes.  Small churches can need more support because of limited budgets and fewer helpers.   The AV Church strives to keep it simple.  Audio and Video Designs for today's budgets.  Everyone knows what you can do with lots of money but what if you only have a few thousand.  Call or E-mail to get a list of our customers so you can ask them.  We continue to serve in our own churches so we understand the day to day problems with planning and implementing today's various forms of worship from the most traditional to newer alternative worship.

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